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TEST AND LAB INTERPRETATIONS FROM ANALYTICAL RESEARCH LABS ONLY. See what imbalances you body may have.  Order your test kit, send in hair sample, receive your results and a personalized protocol from analytical research lab.


Hair Test and Personalized recommendations from Dr. Larry Wilson.  By finding out what your Hair mineral tests reveal accompanied with personalized recommendations, you can reduce stress and reveal the keys to balance your body chemistry. This option includes 3 months email support with test results and personal protocol plan from Dr. Larry Wilson.

Retests $97 (every 3-4 months)

Retests include the hair mineral results and a protocol from Dr. Larry Wilson. Along with email support.


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What you will get for the Initial Hair test 

  • Your personal Hair mineral test results
  • In depth Personal Protocols Plan
  • Continued email support between retests
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1. SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR THE SAME DAY, OR THE DAY BEFORE SAMPLING IT. Ideally, shampoo it, let it dry, and cut the sample right away. Use a plain shampoo if possible. Preferably do not add conditioner or any other products on the hair after washing it on the day you will take the sample. AVOID sending dirty, sweaty or greasy hair.

2. CUT HAIR FROM ANYWHERE ON THE HEAD AND AS CLOSE TO THE SCALP AS POSSIBLE.  It matters little where on the head you cut it. The way to avoid bald spots is to cut several small samples and combine them. If you cannot use head hair, the second best is beard hair. Underarm is ok also. Please do not send in pubic hair because it is not as accurate.

3. SET EACH SAMPLE DOWN ON A DESK OR TABLE. MEASURE ABOUT 1 INCH OR 2 CENTIMETERS FROM THE CUT END NEAR THE SCALP. CUT OFF AND DISCARD ANY HAIR THAT IS MORE THAN ABOUT 1 INCH OR ABOUT 2 CM LONG FROM THE SCALP END. Shorter hair is excellent, and the shorter the better, in fact. AVOID SENDING HAIR THAT IS LONGER THAN 1 TO 1.5 INCHES LONG.  Also do not send hair cut from the ends of long hair. It will skew the results.

4. SEND ENOUGH HAIR. The lab requires 125 mg of hair. If you have a paper scale (call or email me to send one to you) it must tip for you to have enough hair. Otherwise, please  completely fill a tablespoon with hair. Then place the hair sample in a envelope and write your name, age and gender on it.  AVOID SENDING HAIR IN PLASTIC BAGS OR ALUMIUM FOIL.


TINTS AND DYES. These rarely affect the test because they do not contain any minerals. Therefore, you may sample dyed hair. Ideally, take a hair sample before dying your hair.

PERMANENTS OR BLEACHED HAIR. These treatments somewhat alter the structure of the hair. Sample the hair before a treatment or Wash the hair for at least a few weeks before sampling the hair.

IF YOUR HOME HAS A WATER SOFTENER. Before sampling hair you must shampoo it four times with unsoftened tap water or reverse osmosis water from the supermarket.

Place test kit in the mail and results will be delivered to me with in 2-3 weeks.  Instructions will follow.


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