Brandy Todd is a certified holistic nutritionist and a certified nutritional development consultant with many years of added self-studied nutrition.

Where does one begin in improving ones health that has tried everything with no avail.  This was the beginning of my nutritional journey.  Like most people I had many debilitating heath issue such as fatigue, frustration, allergies, anxiety, digestive issues, brain fog, aches and pains at an early age, and some misdiagnosed issues and many others.

I tried everything once I had exhausted the conventional health care system for these issues.  Every diet and detox method I could find and I kept getting worse. I was introduced to nutritional development while finishing my holistic nutrition certification and I believe it came to me just in time.  After going through vegetarian, vegan, smoothie and raw diet, I was depleted, frustrated and confused as to how to feel “normal” again.

Once I began a nutritional development program within weeks I started to have changes, and as time went on I became functioning again with even more energy than I had ever had.  I am a mother of 3 and the added energy was a very grateful blessing.  I am now able to do thing that once held me back and I feel better than ever.

My years of personal experience doing the nutritional development program has given me the framework to offer clients the best resources in practicing there own program.  I have an understanding with feelings of frustration and confusion in the areas of health and self care because there is a lot of information out there that can lead most in a circle. I know because it happened to me.  This is my passion to offer Nutritional Development to those who are dedicated to changing their health and lifestyles.