Kelp vs. ” Superfoods” supplements

Kelp is the most under used superfoods available today. Kelp is a source for many phytonutrients that are hard to find in other foods or so called “superfoods” that are either in powers or even food stuff forms. So kelp also provides a host of nutrients at a very reasonable cost.

Kelp (algae) Green Powder Healtly Superfood

One of the most important roles for kelp is that it provides bioavailable iodine, a mineral that few are getting enough of from their foods. Kelp is more physiological than most forms of iodine products, which makes it more balanced and does not cause toxicity, as do isolated forms of iodine.
Kelp also contains a very bioavailable form of calcium not found in most foods.  Kelp is the best green food.

Kelp vs ” Superfoods” supplements:

  1. Superfood supplements often contain chelators such as Chlorella, Cilantro, and Zeolite, which can remove vital minerals from the body.
  2. Others contain algae, spirulina, chlorella, and blue-green algae that is less compatible with human physiology and slightly toxic.
  3. Kelp does not go rancid, as do other green superfood powders.  The salt in kelp preserves it.
  4. Kelp is far more yang in Chinese terminology, which makes it a more balanced and healthful product.
  5. Kelp contains far more alginates than others.  This compound protects the body against mercury and other toxic metals present in most sea vegetables and other foods.  All other green food supplements contain either none of this chemical, or much less.

There are many scientific studies done on the health benefits of Kelp, but there are a couple of warnings for kelp.  When remineralizing the body one should not exceed 1800mg a day when following a Nutritional Development protocol.  Side effects of Kelp when first beginning a protocol is hyperactivity.  This is nothing to worry about as this is just an effect of the release of Chlorine, Bromide, and Fluoride form the thyroid and other places in the body that are used when one does not receive a bioavailable form of Iodine.

Before beginning please read the following article on the benefits of Kelp. Click Here

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