Powerful Detoxing with a Near Infrared Sauna



Buy a Portable Near Infrared Sauna

How-to tutorial video to build your own Portable Near Infrared Sauna 

Knowing the amazing benefits of a Near Infrared Sauna are Priceless.

Near Infrared Sauna with red light bulbs cannot be substituted for any other type of sauna out there.

Besides the highly effective Detoxing benefits there are a very long list of other benefits that you can gain from using a Near Infrared Sauna.

-Heavy metal detox

-Chemical detox

-Hasten the death of Viruses

-Removes radioactive isotopes

-Acne relief

-Improves circulation

-Strengthens Nervous System

-Relieves internal congestion

-Normalizes Alkalinity and balances pH

-Enhances Oxygenation

-Mood enhancing light therapy

-Assists energy production

-Helps decouple toxins from water molecules

-Improves hydration of body tissue

-Balances the autonomic Nervous System

-Normalizes enzymatic activity

…and much more

Comparison chart

The Healthy Benefits of Saunas Have been known for thousands of years by many indigenous people around the world, so you can be assured of the safety and detoxing potency.

Everyone today can attest to at least on aliment that causes pain, insomnia, anxiety, or depression.  I have seen in many clients how the sauna has significantly changed and improved these issue for them very quickly.

Linked here you can own your very own portable unit to use almost anywhere.


Here are a few signs that indicate that one should leave the sauna soon:

1. The body temperature should not increase more than four degrees.
2. The pulse should not increase more than 50% of the resting pulse.
3. Sweating should not stop suddenly.
4. Some faintness and feeling of fatigue or weakness is normal during or after a sauna session.  However, if you feel very faint, end the sauna session and lay down for at least 10 minutes.

Contact me if you want more information or are interested in learning more about the Nutritional Development Program

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