Forgiveness for Healing

Healing is a multifaceted process involving the physical body, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ones self.

Many physical dysfunctions and disease are very interconnected to emotions that we tend to hold onto whether we are aware of them or not. They can create changes within the body on a cellular level and stay changed until we can work out or learn the significance of the emotion or experience.

All of the emotions experienced, either through others actions or environmental reasons, are taken into our inner selves and either we learn what feels is useful for us or learn an aspect about ourselves that need to be reevaluated and changed.  All emotions both so called “good and bad” are still very significant in our journeys. 

Forgiveness is one significant emotion that need to be worked on to heal the body.

Forgiving is not just about others, but for most of us it is to forgive yourself and accept that you are doing your best and still learning.

Forgiving is an attitude.  A forgiving person is one who does not tend to hold grudges, and who tends to be lenient, and slow to judge. Forgiving is a process.  Forgiving may also be defined as a very special process in which a person is freed from all ill feelings toward another person or  toward a situation, or toward oneself.


  1. Desire.  One must truly desire to forgive.  This is essential or forgiveness will not occur.

 2. Intention.  Intention means focused and ongoing desire.  Otherwise, desire tends to fade away and be replaced with new desires each day, week or month.

 3. Allowing.  This means to relax and just allow the unwinding of judgment, anger, hatred, and resentment.  This is a difficult step for some people.

It means, for example, that if one day you wake up feeling furious or sad, do not stop your process of forgiveness.  Just allow the feelings to surface and they will pass.

 4. Surrender.  This is a continuation of allowing on a larger level.  It means to relax completely, do your best to enjoy the process of forgiving, and not to try to control it.

 Practicing these four steps is not always easy.  It is not just a matter of saying “I forgive you”.  It is a deep psychological process that takes some time.  However, many people are successful with it.

Practice Forgiveness to free yourself and allow a healthy life!

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