Allergies….the warning siren of the body

Excessive Allergies is by far the most common complaint in health today.  There are so many different reasons for one’s allergic response imbalance. autonomic nervous system imbalance, weak adrenal glands, abnormal stress response, copper toxicity and often toxicity with other heavy metals and chemicals.

These responsed show up as runny nose, itchy eyes, skin rashes such as hives and some eczema, asthma, stomach aches, general itching, fatigue, and many other possible symptoms.

 The most common cause of allergies is weakened adrenal glands due to lack of proper nutrition, lifestyle, and toxic metal and chemicals in the body and environment.

It’s important to look at these factors as conventional medicine does not.  They just look to treat the symptoms and not correct the cause.

Let’s look at what allergies are.  First in a healthy balanced body they are a life saving mechanism that lets the body know that the substance that the body just injected or became exposed to is dangerous.

Now in an unbalanced system allergies are from a oversensitive inflammatory response that is imbalanced at the onset of the reaction or on the correcting mechanism of an allergic response which produces too much inflammation without reducing the inflammation properly or not enough inflammation and to much inflammation response draining the mechanism of its effectiveness.

How to correct this.  For year before I started Nutritional Development I struggled with chronic allergic response.  I tried every treatment under the sun as I was miserable all the time.  The biggest issue that I over looked after changing my diet and eleminating food chemicals, was the amount of environmental toxins that cause this chronic reaction.  These are substance we use everyday like your body soap, home cleaning products including the most toxic plug-ins, laundry detergents and even building material in the home like scotch guard carpet and rugs.

Most don’t think to look at these things as allergy inducing things.  They were a huge factor for me.

I can say that understanding your bodies metabolics will give you a road map to correcting the imbalances that cause the unnecessary excessive allergic response. Read  the allergy article from Dr. Wilson Here.





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