“SLEEP” the silent Healer

It’s not that we all don’t want sleep, unfortunately some of us just CAN’T sleep.

double-bed-1215004_640The reason is due to malnutrition and toxins in the body and in our environment.

What would you give to get 8-10 hours of sleep ?(the desired amount). Would you simply change your diet or change things in your environment to give you a healthier atmosphere?

It’s not a waste of time to make health changes as sleep is the most powerful thing for healing and optimal health.

Here’ how to get more health sleep:

  1. Go to bed between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. The best sleep is before midnight.  You could easily could have symptoms throughout the day that attribute to not sleeping before midnight.  This sleep is the most rejuvenating before the energy shifts to a new day after midnight.

  2. Sleep in 4 hours cycles.  Sleeping in cycles allows the brain the go into different sleep patterns that are very good for your body.

  3. Sleep on your back.  Even try to sleep without a pillow or a very soft low pillow.  this allows lymph and other cleansing elements to happen easier during sleep.

  4. Sleep on a firm mattress.  This keeps airways from being obstructed and allows good oxygenation during sleep, which is when we breathe the deepest.

  5. Shut off the Electric Breaker to your bedroom.  If you feel like you are too energized to fall asleep, try shutting of the breaker to your bedroom as stronger EMF currents emit from outlets and other devices at night for smart meters.

  6. Make your room pitch black and cool.  Lights and heat can activate the body and disrupt sleep.

  7. Change your bedding often.  Dust and allergens can hinder sleep by disrupting sleep significantly.

  8. Keep your bedroom clean.

  9. Get off of your computers and devices an hour before you go to bed.  The light and energy admitted can act as a stimulant and disrupt sleep.

The most important element is proper nutrition.  (Remineralization)

Eating 2-3 cups of cooked vegetableswith every meal will keep the body more balanced to allow for better ability to rest and sleep.


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