Evolve your Kids

Raising Children in today’s world:

             How can you raise children today to become health, successful, and positive adults.  Of course those characteristics are easier to embed at younger ages than trying to change old habits as adults.  I have found that not only through osmosis of parent or the caretaker’s perception of life, but through igniting certain mental habits and principles that can be used in all aspects of life.  These are four things that are critical for raising successful children.

  1.               Confidence.  Just as adults need confidence to navigate a successful life and the world, so do children.  Building confidence with children is teaching them to trust themselves.  Let them learn from out comes that are not what they desired or “mistakes” as most like to call them.  Once children are not disciplined for “mistakes”, but rather able to learn and teach themselves how problem solve and to get the outcome they want they develop a sence of self-trust that they are not wrong and can achieve even if the outcomes where not what was anticipated.
  2.               Nature.  Children desire to be in nature more than anything else.  To prove this, go on a hike in the woods or spend time at a clean river or lake with your children.  You will see a spark in them that parents don’t get to see everyday.  Nature provides everything a child needs and the environment to explore all of their curiosities.
  3.              Self sufficiency.    This is a very important skill to implement into children at an early age.  Let children do as much as they can for themselves and then some.  It’s hard to see them struggle or make a huge mess, but with practice they become able to carry their own load, and in turn help others.  This will also show how to take responsibility, be empowered, and build confidence.
  4.               Listening to their intuition.  Even at infancy babies have an innate intuition that gets muffled the older one gets.  If you as an adult don’t practice this then odds are your children are accustomed to not hearing that inner voice either.  Practice noticing, hearing and listening to your intuition by asking yourself questions about what your first feeling or thought was about a situation or decision.  Intuition was critical in early times of human existence for survival and they are still as important today, just modified for lives of today.pexels-photo-23971

As these are some tools to use to allow children to develop in a balanced way there are of course many different specific needs as well.  remember that love is first and foremost the most important.  Check out what else Dr. Wilson say’s about raising healthy children.

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